Please Read! Microsoft phone scam:...

I have had an increase of calls in the last few weeks from clients and friends contact me about calls they have received from Microsoft, luckily they all detected this [...]

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WCR offers a certified data...

We are pleased to now offer a Blancco data erasure service for effectively wiping desktop and laptop hard drives prior to recycling. We’ve found Blancco to be a sophisticated, high-speed [...]

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How to Report and Prevent...

Most of us are familiar with email spam – colloquially known as junk mail – which involves the sending of identical unsolicited messages to a large number of recipients via [...]

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So what is ransomware and...

So what is ransomware and how does it impact businesses? Ransomware is a generic term for a category of malware that restricts access to a device or the file(s) on [...]

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So what is ransomwar...
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How to Report and Pr...

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